Our Story

SanBox is a vision born during the 2020 Covid Global Pandemic by three moms who recognize the on-going importance of eliminating germs to help prevent virus spread. Hand sanitization has become a global focal point resulting in unprecedented sales and demand of disinfectant products, thus establishing a new “norm” ... hand sanitizing is here to stay.

Hand sanitizer offers a convenient and easy way to keep germs away and is truly an investment for your health. While most hand sanitizer dispensers are functional and practical, they tend to lack the visual appeal one would like in your home or business establishment. So at SanBox, we're adding a touch of style to hand sanitization by creating decorative covers to complement any décor.


We're also so proud that part of our mission is giving back by supporting health and wellness initiatives. We look forward to sharing campaigns and products soon, so be sure to sign up for our mailing list and follow us on social media.

We truly appreciate your support in this mission, and thank you for helping us spread kindness, not germs!